What Does Rotary Do?

There are almost as many ways to answer this question as there are Rotary clubs, and a better question might be “What Doesn’t Rotary Do?”  But, quite simply, Rotary is about Service and Fellowship.  Rotarians know that these two ideals go hand-in-hand because it's through the fellowship of our service projects where we build our friendships that last a lifetime.

While the many clubs around the world tailor their own service projects to one or more of Rotary International's Six Areas of Focus, all clubs are united in one common goal -- the global eradication of polio.  So, when you see the slogan "We are this close" to polio eradication, you will know that 1.2 million Rotarians are working tirelessly to make that happen.  At the Rotary Club of Madison, we proudly support this effort with our "Change for Change Campaign" and our contributions to Rotary International's Polio Plus Fund.

Madison Rotarians also provide humanitarian relief in southern Honduras.  Every February, you can find our team's boots on the ground in the surrounding communities of Choluteca, operating our own dental and vision clinics, supporting our EcoStove Project, and distributing clothes, vitamins, and school supplies to the local families.

Locally, through our "Done-in-a-Day" Projects, you can find us ... well, just about everywhere else.  These projects keep us busy in just about everything you can imagine: cleaning up Rainbow Mountain's hiking trails, ringing bells for the Salvation Army, building wheelchair-accessible ramps with CASA, installing insulation for a needy family, delivering health supplies to underprivileged children… and the list goes on.  We never know what the next project will be or where it will take us. Oh, and the other good part?  Non-Rotarians can give Rotary a test drive by participating in one of these projects.  So, if you think you'd like to learn more, contact us and we'll fill you in on the next "Done-in-a-Day" project.

As part of our Vocational and Youth Services projects, Madison Rotarians co-host the annual Rotary Youth Leadership Awards at the Huntsville Space and Rocket Center.  This annual 3-day event provides leadership and vocational training to over 100 area high school students with team-building activities, dynamic speakers, and leadership workshops.  We also honor our local firefighter, police officers, and city employees with annual recognition awards.  Madison Rotarians proudly support our Military Veterans by sponsoring the annual Veteran’s Prayer Breakfast, recognizing a local Veteran of the Week, and supporting the organization “Still Serving Veterans.”

You can learn more about these and our other service projects under Avenues of Service.