Madison City Employee of the Year 2014

This is the 14th year that the Rotary Club of Madison, in conjunction with the City of Madison, has had the privilege of recognizing outstanding Madison City employees.  The criteria for these exceptional employee awards are:  the candidate must have been a full time City of Madison employee for the last two years with continuous above and beyond the call of duty performance OR performance of a single outstanding service act for the citizens of Madison.

Recognition includes an individual plaque for each honoree, inclusion on the perpetual plaque here at City Hall, 4 tickets to the Rotary Club of Madison’s annual Parrots of the Caribbean, a monetary gift and our entire city’s gratitude for a job very well done!

We are happy to recognize an outstanding employee representing Madison Community Services, the Madison Fire Department, and the Madison Police Department.


This year’s Madison Employee of the Year is Kelly Rolin, Administrative Assistant to the HR Director for the City of Madison.

Kelly has been the first face most employees see in the HR Department for over 6 years. She was hired in December of 2007.  Kelly is the project manager for many employee events, the editor of the employee newsletter, the official employee photographer for various events, the Safety Committee Secretary, the Ethics Commission contact, the developer of the upcoming employee Intranet, and many more important functions.

Kelly has assisted numerous employees above-and-beyond what has been required.  Kelly is always thinking of ways to recognize employees.  Under her own initiative, Kelly collects numerous prizes for employees at the annual luncheon.  She has coordinated recognition of the employee Veterans and “Take Your Child to Work” events and materials.  Kelly is a key team player with the Human Resources team and other departments during great times and some difficult and sensitive times as well.

Kelly is the mother of two children, Bryson, a 7th grade honor student, and Whitney who is a recent graduate from Auburn University.  Kelly and her husband Byron live on a farm in Ardmore, where they raise cattle.

Terri Towry, HR Director and the entire HR Team feel that Kelly is deserving of this honor.  Terri noted, “Kelly not only gets a large amount of work done; she does it with passion and a strong desire to serve employees.”

The 2013 Madison Fire Department Employee of the Year is Eddie Richardson.  Eddie is
a Firefighter with the Madison Fire Department, and was chosen for this honor by Chief Cobb.

Eddie Richardson is the Madison Fire Department Fire Fighter of the Year due to his many contributions to Madison Fire & Rescue. Daily, Eddie is self-motivated and motivates others to excel in their work. Eddie is a competent paramedic and firefighter and plays a key role on Madison Fire’s heavy rescue team. Eddie specializes in hand tools, extrication equipment and building construction. He is an expert in many disciplines and passes his knowledge and skills on to his teammates through hands-on instruction. Eddie utilizes his skills and ingenuity to better organize Madison Fire’s heavy rescue trailer in order to provide ease of access and to and better protect the equipment. He also created some innovative solutions for securing the equipment at a fire scene. This allows all personnel to be involved in the emergency scene rather than equipment management.  Eddie assisted in the kitchen renovation at Station 1 and preformed many other seemingly small projects that have improved the quality of life at the fire station.  Eddie is a great asset to Madison Fire & Rescue

Eddie lives in Ardmore with his wife of 16 years, Michelle.  Together they have two sons, Dalton age 12 and Carter age 9.  He also serves as a deacon at Wooley Springs Baptist Church and is involved in his boy’s Boy Scout and Cub Scout troops.

Chief Cobb says of Eddie, “Since being nominated for Firefighter of the Year, Eddie has been promoted to driver.  In preparing for this promotion and in qualifying for his paramedic license Eddie demonstrated a tenacious determination to succeed.  Observing that determination, I had no hesitation in supporting Eddie’s nomination for Firefighter of the Year.”

2013’s  Madison Police Department Employee of the Year is Jennifer Schwartz, Secretary Special Operations.

Jennifer Schwartz was nominated by the majority of her peers to be the Madison Police Department  “Employee of the Year” for 2013. As most know, Jennifer works very hard to make sure that everyone else has what they need to be successful, but never asks for anything for herself.  She is treasured and respected by everyone that knows her, and has truly become the “go to” person in her section. Jennifer is well organized, is always prepared and is  quite the artist; “Our Madison Police Department team is better off, because Jennifer is a part of it”, says Chief Muncey.

Chief Muncey adds, “Jennifer was nominated by the great people she works beside everyday for this prestigious award.  She continually strives daily to help make Madison a super place to live and work.  She never complains and is ALWAYS wearing a smile!”

Jennifer also volunteers her time to the MPD Social Committee, MPD Foundation and Wounded Blue.

The Rotary Club of Madison is proud to sponsor and host the Madison Employee of the Year Awards annually.

Debbie Ovecash

Chairman, Madison Employee of the Year Awards



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