Parrots T-shirt are Always in Style!

The popular Parrots T-shirt with the Rotary Club of Madison’s Parrot of the Caribbean Logo has long been a hit with the members of the Rotary Club of Madison as well as the annual Parrots party goers.  Fred Davey serves as the T-shirt Chairman for Parrots 2014 and is responsible for taking all shirt orders and delivering the shirts to club members prior to the event.parrotsTshirt

Somerset Group, company of long-time Rotary member, Carol Rives, designed the brightly colored logo in 2005.  In addition to “Parrots of the Caribbean” the logo features a large red parrot, palm tree and coconuts.

Wildly popular and the one and only public fundraiser for the Rotary Club of Madison, Parrots of the Caribbean, had humble beginnings.  The first Parrots was held at the Edgewater Clubhouse in 2003 and was chaired by the late Miles Montgomery; who was at the time President-elect of the club.  Rotary members sold tickets, decorated with balloons turned into fish, cooked hamburgers, danced the night away and were excited to raise $1,500.00 to put toward their annual service and charitable projects!

In 2004 Parrots Chair, Pat Cross was the first to lead the event at the current location, the Barn on Martin Street; an even greater success in fundraising efforts ensued in 2004!  At that time the decision was made by the Rotary Club that Parrots of the Caribbean would become the official Rotary Club of Madison annual fundraiser.

In year three, the official Parrots T-shirt was introduced to the delight of club members.  The first year of the t-shirt, 2005 Elizabeth Houssain was selected Parrots Chair and she served again in 2006.  Elizabeth chose white as the official color in 2005 and in 2006 the t-shirt turned Bright Blue.  Parrots continued to grow by leaps and bounds!

In 2007 and 2008 Carla Daily and Dennis Sanders stepped up to the plate to Co-Chair the party; now a highly anticipated North Alabama event routinely attended by over 600!  Lime green was the color of choice in 2007 followed by a bright orange in 2008 and Parrots continued to gain popularity and an even greater following!

Sandy Patel took the Parrots lead in years 2009 and 2010 and brightened the event with a sunny yellow shirt in 2009 followed by two choices for committee members in 2010, hot pink and pale blue.

After Co-chairing the event in 2010 wearing her hot pink shirt, Parrots Chair 2011, Karen Morris chose a lovely, pale purple for the 2011 Parrots t-shirt, and the club highly approved!

In 2012, Parrots Chair Steve Baum made the very popular move to the black Parrots t-shirt.  A great look but a bit warm for an August evening in Alabama!

Gene Pfeiffer, Parrots Chair 2013, recognized that the club membership had grown by approximately double since the days of the very popular lime green shirt first worn in 2007 so Gene brought back an old favorite.  Lime green was the color of choice in 2013 and the event continued to grow in numbers and popularity.

Debbie Overcash, 2014 Parrots Chair, has selected red, her favorite color, as the official Parrots T-shirt color this year.  Rotary members won’t be hard to spot in their red shirts so stop any of them, find out what Rotary accomplishes locally, nationally and internationally, and let us thank YOU for your support!  Marc Jacobson has been elected Chair of Parrots of the Caribbean Chair for 2015.

The Rotary Club of Madison is expecting record crowds in beautiful, historic downtown Madison at the Barn on Martin Street on August 23rd.  The event continues to grow as faithful Parrots of the Caribbean fans flock back and new partiers join the fun!  2014 has seen record numbers and income from Sponsorships as well as public interest in this now legendary island party.  The Zooks will kick the party into high gear at 6:00 followed by Four on the Floor who will have everyone up and dancing till the doors close at 11:00!  A crowd favorite new to Parrots last year, Curbside Grille is returning for their second year and is offering an expanded island themed menu.  Boyd’s bar will be in full swing offering Parrot-ritas, wine and beer; both food and drinks are available purchase.  The Raffle Tent will be hopping again in 2014 with some favorites from past years to include SEC football packages, Dinner on the Town, Airline tickets from Huntsville International Airport and the ever popular Wine Cellar just to name a few;  with new and exciting baskets on the table this year as well!

Stay tuned for more from the Rotary Club of Madison’s Parrots of the Caribbean and watch for those red-shirted Committee members at the Barn on Saturday, August 23!  Doors open at 5:30 and the party begins at 6:00.  For more information check out the Rotary Club of Madison’s web site at: or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Tickets are available on line at: or from any Madison Rotarian.




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