Madison Employee of the Year Awards to be presented May 27, 2014

This is the 14th year that the Rotary Club of Madison, in conjunction with the City of Madison, has had the privilege of recognizing outstanding Madison City employees.  The criteria for this exceptional employee award are:  the candidate must have been a full time City of Madison employee for the last two years with continuous above and beyond the call of duty performance OR performance of a single outstanding service act for the citizens of Madison.

Recognition includes a personal plaque for each honoree, inclusion on the perpetual plaque here at City Hall, 4 tickets to the Rotary Club’s annual Parrots of the Caribbean, a monetary gift and our entire city’s gratitude for a job very well done!

We were happy in May of 2014 to recognize an outstanding employee representing fire protection, law enforcement, and community services.

The next Madison Employee of the Year 2014 Awards will be in May 2015, at Madison City Hall.

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